kinesiology centre of excellence


Kinesiology Centre of Excellence or also known as KINESCOE is the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for the field of Kinesiology (human movement), at the Faculty of Sports Science & Coaching, UPSI. Kinescoe establishment was approved by the UPSI’s Executive Management Meeting on the 23rd of July 2014.

KINESCOE’s main activities are research (~70%) and services (~30%), aiming for sustainable future by first improving and maintaining optimal performance of human body. At Kinescoe, we believe the quest for sustainable future should always starts from the human body itself.

Our Motto

Studying Human Movement, for Improving Human Performance.


Research & Supervision: Topics of interest: mechanical, metabolic, neural and hormonal responses & adaptation in strength & conditioning training.

Publication: Main focus: peer-reviewed research journal articles and online publications. Managing Journal of Sports Sports Science & Physical Education (JSSPJ) and publishing KINESCOE Bulletin.

Consultation: Providing consultation services within the areas related to kinesiology, in accordance with RMIC UPSI rules & regulations.

Commercialization: Responsible for commercialization of human movement related services and products, in accordance with RMIC UPSI rules & regulations.

our members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Ikhwan Mohamad (Director)

Dr. Norhazira Abdul Rahim (Member)

Dr. Nor Aijratul Asikin Mohamad Shalan (Member)

Ganesan A/L Arumugam (PhD Candidate)

Jamalludin Mohamed (MSc. Candidate)

Ismadalyna Yusof (MSc. Candidate)

Nursyaidatul Hafiza Madzlan (MSc. Candidate)

Ahmad Shairazi Abdul Fatah (MSc. Candidate)

Muhammad Zakuan Arif Zainol Abidin (MSc. Candidate)

Muhammad Nor Faiz Ab Aziz (MSc. Candidate)

Noor Afif Bin Mohd Ghazali (MSc. Candidate)

Nur Akma Athirah Othman (FYP)

Siti Noraini Adnan (FYP)

Noor Aqilla Nasiman (FYP)

Hariz Ridwan Noor Hasmi (FYP)

Mohamad Amer Zekry Zaffri (FYP)

Firdaus Mohamed

Nur Amirah PrinceJaa Abdullah

Goh Cha Yee (FYP)

JSSPJ Journal: Editorial Team

Dr. Ali Md. Nadzalan  (Editor-in-Chief, JSSPJ)


CelikFizikal/ Physical Literacy 

Wearable resistance kinematics and kinetics

Fire and Rescue Tactical Conditioning