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Guidelines for FSSK Research Ethics Committee

A Summary
1. The Faculty management meeting (81, No. 3/2015, 23rd March 2015, 2.30pm) approved the set-up of a Research Ethics Committee, with a set of guidelines presented together with this summary.

2. The guidelines envisage a simple structure that can safeguard both ethical standards and efficiency while ensuring proper accountability. These guidelines are in accordance with the Data Protection Act (Act 709: Personal Data Protection Act 2010) and; no part of the guidelines are against the currently available research and graduate studies related rules and regulation as stipulated by Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI).

3. The set up involves the following steps:
3.1 The Faculty’s approved guidelines regulate all research involving human subjects carried out at the Faculty, both by students and by members of staff. It has also appointed a Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC).

3.2 Each Faculty member, student or member of staff, undertaking research involving human subjects will fill the proposal form (also available on the website) and present it for approval to the faculty research ethics committee. Together with the proposal form, the researcher must present all other relevant information together with a sample consent form in Malay language. English language consent form is needed for studies involving non-Malay speaking population or participants. The form clearly identifies the person taking responsibility for the research and for compliance with the regulations and with Data Protection legislation.

3.4 The faculty committee will discuss the research proposals according to the criteria set out in the guidelines, and will give its advice whether the research is to be approved or not in term of ethics, and for what reasons.

3.5 This advice is passed on to the Faculty Research Committee, which will give the final approval.

3.6 The names of the Faculty research ethics committees, together with the dates of the Faculty research committee meetings will be advertised in good time, so that researchers and faculty committees can plan their work without causing any unwarranted delays.

29th April 2015

Download Ethics Form (please request by email to relevant officer below if the form cannot be downloaded)


Intellectual Property


Registering you intellectual property (IP) such as logo, research output, innovation products, business trademark etc ensure legal ownership of your intellectual property.

Please browse through myipo website for informations and process. Staffs and students of FSSK are encourages to do the IP filing on their own, either via online or by visiting myipo Bangsar's office.

If you like to register via UPSI Research Management & Innovation Centre (RMIC), please fill-up the needed form and consult RMIC directly (phone: 605-450 6472  :: office at Level 2, Chancellory Building, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris) 

Official website of Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (myipo):


Writing a Research Proposal

A good research proposal will provide overall framework and details of your intended research. It not need to be thick and lengthy, but should accurately and properly described your research (based on format given). What is expected from the proposal mainly:

  • originality of the research ideas (genuine) 

  • worthiness to the field of study (contribution or benefits)

  • linkages between the proposed study with other previous studies.

  • solid theoretical support and understanding based on the write-up provided.

  • solid methodological approach 

  • ethical considerations

Proposal write-up format

A research proposal should always have all the components as described below. However inclusion or exclusion of any part listed is dependable on the discussions made between you and your supervisor(s). 

Cover page

Table of Contents


Background of Study

Problem Statements

Significance of Study

Purpose of Study

Research Questions / Hypothesis

Limitations and Delimitations

Operational Definitions



(sub-topics varied, dependable on discussions with supervisors)



Design of the Study

Participants / Sampling

Equipment / Instrumentations


Data Analyses

Statistical Analyses



Timetable/plan of study

Financial plan



Download sample/template format:  Table of Content ::: Cover 




Proposal Defend / Candidature

Below are the exerpts from the University's Academic Rules & Regulations for research students (postgrad):

"12. Research proposal presentations

 12.1  Every student must prepare and present a research proposal at the Faculty after obtaining endorsement from the supervisor.

 12.2 The research proposal must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Research Proposal Examination Committee."

At the moment the Faculty's Research Proposal Examination Committee consist of:

  • one chairperson (normally the Deputy Dean in Research & Graduate), 

  • Supervisor(s)

  • Two examiners

The examiners will be given 2 to 4 weeks durations to examine the submitted proposal. Students will be required to present their proposal later on in an oral examination session (proposal defend/candidature). Students will only be allowed to continue pursuing data collection on the proposed research once they have successfully pass this process. Successfull students in proposal defend process will officially be known as Master's or PhD's Candidate. Human ethics approval can be applied by a Master's or PhD's Candidate for their research from the Faculty Ethics Committee. 

Expect between 1 to 2 months periods between the date the proposal be submitted and the date of proposal defend occasion. In certain conditions, the duration might be more in example when the  proposal submitted during undergrads examination period (in which the same lecturers might be involved).


Other students and lecturers are welcome to attend and give feedbacks during the candidature occasion.